11/9/2012 My son has been going to Mike's for almost two years now. He started in the Plymouth special needs program and liked it so much I enrolled him in the Randolph studio so he could go more often. His teachers and I have seen marked improvement in attention, self-control, and most importantly self-esteem. Mike has a 6th sense on when to push and when to give my son space, it's amazing the commitment my son shows and vises versa! There are hundreds of studios between Weymouth and Plymouth and a hundred more between Weymouth and Randolph but this is the one you want if you want success. An excellent balance of fun and discipline! Pamela R. SOUTH WEYMOUTH, MA

11/10/2012 I have been coming to Smilin Mike's and training for over eleven years, and I must say, this school is as legitimate as a martial arts school can get. Whether it was practicing small techniques, escaping holds, one-on-one combat, fighting multiple opponents, or even defending against weapons, I have learned a great deal and enjoyed myself doing it, and I still do to this very day. Mike (or Sensei) has shown a substantial amount of commitment, wisdom, and benevolence as an instructor, and bestows those qualities upon his students in the process. The tremendous etiquette, effort, sincerity, self-control, and character Sensei has passed onto me is what allowed me to become a 3rd degree black belt: something not a lot of people accomplish. I couldn't be more proud. As somewhat of an instructor myself, just being there for the students in their time of need and making sure they're at their peak will give them a true martial arts experience. And that's exactly what this man does. Sean K. Randolph, MA

Sharon K. Randolph MA I consider myself and my family so lucky to live in the same town as Smilin' Mike's Dojo of Champions, because I would travel many more miles to have my sons under the instruction of Sensei Mike Murphy. My older boy has been attending for almost 12 years and my younger for 7. They are both Black Belts and have learned discipline and honor in addition to their martial arts skills. Mike is kind, patient and fun, and incredibly good at his craft. My husband and I are grateful to have such a positive role model as Mike as an important part of our boys' lives. He is wonderful with students from pee wees to adults. I could not recommend him any higher.